🎉 CLICK is celebrating 20 years of supporting Vancouver kids!

About Us

Our team

We are an all-volunteer team of passionate individuals, committed to making a difference for Vancouver's children and youth

  • Brenda Penton

    Director, President

    Brenda has been a long-time advocate for inner city issues, after years of involvement with the Parent Advisory Councils in two Vancouver inner city schools. She was a founding member of Vancouver Inner City Parents, an advocacy group which worked toward equity in school funding in Vancouver. She has been involved in several non-profit community boards in east Vancouver and has extensive experience in fundraising and organizing events.

    Brenda joined the CLICK board because she understands firsthand how local neighbourhood programs can contribute so much to children’s lives, and that finding money to support these programs is often a struggle for organizers.

    Brenda is a Manitoba native and has lived in east Vancouver for over 30 years. In 2002, she received the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal and in 2012, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her community service.

  • Shane MacArthur

    Director, Treasurer

    Shane holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and is working towards his CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation.

    He works at a public practice accounting firm in downtown Vancouver and enjoys the variety and challenges that come with the range of clients he has in public practice.

    In his spare time Shane likes to run the seawall or catch a movie. He’s also a big Canucks fan.

    Shane was inspired to join the CLICK team because growing up in south Vancouver he attended school with economically disadvantaged students. He saw that they didn’t have the same life opportunities as he did and wants to work to change that situation through CLICK.

  • Annie Ehman

    Director, Secretary

    Annie is a Toronto native who has lived in Vancouver since 1972 and in East Vancouver since 1986. She became involved at her daughter’s inner city elementary school was a founding member of the advocacy and advisory group Vancouver Inner City Parents Group. Annie also served as chair of the parent advisory councils at both elementary and secondary levels and has been a representative and chair of the Vancouver District Parent Council.

    Annie volunteered in her community in schools and neighbourhood houses, and joined the CLICK board soon after its launch. In 2002, she received the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal for her community service. Annie is a firm believer that all children deserve to have access to the support and resources that will bring out their best selves.

  • Catherine Atyeo


    Catherine co-founded CLICK in 2001 with Alva Jenson, a former inner city teacher and consultant at the Vancouver School Board. Catherine was a single mother for many years and raised her two sons in the inner city. She observed first-hand the struggles of working poor families, and the effects of poverty on their children’s opportunities and self-esteem.

    Serving as CLICK’s president for 10 years, Catherine is passionate about making Vancouverites aware of the plight of local children living in poverty. She has seen how programs supported by CLICK make a real difference in the lives of inner city kids, and has deep admiration for the mentors and angels that touch the lives of these children every day. In 2017, Catherine was a YWCA Women of Distinction Awards nominee for her work with CLICK.

    Catherine has worked for almost 35 years in print and broadcast journalism, as well as in communications in the private sector and government. Her volunteer experience includes working on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside; assisting immigrants and refugees to integrate into the Lower Mainland; and serving on committees in housing cooperatives.

    Catherine and her partner have four children who’ve all flown the coop but come back often. Her interests include running, hiking, gardening and choral singing. She has lived in six different Vancouver neighborhoods and loves to set off from her current residence near Main Street to explore the city on her bike.

  • Vivian Chow


    Dr. Chow originated from Windsor, Ontario where she completed Dental School at the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduating in 2008 she made a significant decision to relocate to Vancouver. Throughout her academic journey, Dr. Chow’s unwavering commitment to excellence as well as to the community led her to be honoured as a finalist for the distinguished Rhodes Scholar Program, a recognition that highlights her exceptional academic and community achievements.

    Driven by a passion for working with children, she began volunteering in high school. Her commitment extended throughout dental school where she dedicated her time and effort to after school programs for underprivileged youngsters. Throughout school Dr. Chow witnessed a noticeable gap between students who had ample opportunities and those who did not. It was during this time that she became inspired to make a positive difference for these children that are less privileged. She strongly believes that each child has a unique gift and given the opportunity, they have the potential to flourish and thrive. This is why the CLICK foundation resonates so strongly with Dr. Chow who is honoured to be part of a team dedicated to providing opportunities for inner-city kids.

    In addition to being actively engaged in her children's school and local church, Dr. Chow serves as President of the Parent Support Group, a board member for Richmond Christian School Elementary Campus, as well as serving on the Parish Pastoral Council at St. Joseph the Worker Parish. Also, her contributions to the dental community have included serving as a member of the Board of Directors as well as Past President for the Vancouver and District Dental Society (VDDS). Furthermore, she generously shares her knowledge and expertise as a part-time clinical instructor at the UBC Faculty of Dentistry, nurturing the aspiring dental professionals.

    Outside the realm of dentistry, Dr. Chow finds simple joys in savouring delicious food, exploring her culinary skills, and spending time with her husband and three young children.

  • Angelina Dean


    Growing up in a multicultural household, Angelina learned important values and principles - notably fairness and selflessness. This inspired Angelina to work within the community to close the gap between economically disadvantaged youth and families and those who can support them.

    Angelina joined the CLICK board after initially volunteering to work on CLICK’s social media platforms. As she learned more about CLICK’s work, she was struck by the significant difference CLICK makes for inner city kids in
    Vancouver. Angelina understands the hardships and financial barriers facing working poor families, having been raised by a single mother. At a young age she dealt with serious challenges that resulted in her maturing more quickly
    than her peers. Angelina recently became a licensed realtor and hopes to use her connections with individuals, organizations and businesses to spread awareness of the need to help children living in poverty.

    Outside of her realtor duties, Angelina has been volunteering at her church’s “Food4Life” program for over five years – which has allowed her to serve and connect with her fellow Richmond residents. Angelina’s mom is her
    best friend and they enjoy many activities together, including working out, going on nature walks and trying new restaurants.

  • Mike Evans


    Mike Evans has worked at Britannia Secondary School since 1980; he was the Counseling Department Head and the Night School Administrator until 2002. Since 2002, he has worked as the Community Education Coordinator, providing out-of-school opportunities for kids, with a focus on planning special events and leading community development projects. He also regularly attends meetings of the Britannia Board of Directors.

    Mike really believes in the power of sport as an agent for positive change. For the past 15 years, he has coached the Britannia Senior Girls basketball team, leading them to win the city championships for the last three years, as well as “AA” Provincial Champions in 2012.

    Mike attended Washington State University on a track scholarship and competed at the national level in both track and field and rugby. Mike has won several awards for his involvement in the community including the “Caring for Kids” award as well as a Lifetime Achievement in Coaching Award.

    Mike considers it a privilege to work at Britannia, and credits the fantastic kids and families as the pillars of the Britannia Community. Mike is married to Pat and the father of Kristin —a new teacher in Vancouver!

  • Ron Scott


    A native of Winnipeg, Ron spent 40 years working with children and youth – virtually all of them facing significant financial, developmental and social challenges. When he was 16 he worked as a camp counsellor with inner city youth and went on to work with a deaf youth. With a father who was a principal and a mother who was a nurse, Ron feels their example drew him to working with youth. The work energized him and gave him so much. “You’re constantly learning from kids. They are the greatest teachers – honest, intelligent with amazing insight.”

    In the Vancouver school system, Ron worked with youth who had complex needs and learning disabilities, youth who had been expelled from school, and students who were new immigrants and refugees. Helping these students Ron realized that he wasn’t just supporting them – he was supporting their families. “Once you have a rapport and a relationship with parents, they will tell you what they need. These people have walked a path you haven’t. You need to respect and listen to them. We are walking with them, not for them.” Before retiring in 2023, Ron ended his career as Community School Coordinator at Britannia, which he describes as “11 acres where amazing support and work happens.” While he has seen many youth drop out of school, he has also seen that with support, education and mentoring, vulnerable youth can find fulfilling lives and careers.

    Ron first encountered CLICK as the recipient of CLICK funding for school-based programs. He appreciates that CLICK is open to new and innovative ideas and trusts its applicant partners. He also feels CLICK stands out as having no paid staff. As for its place in the community, Ron sums it up: “CLICK has been a quiet little powerhouse.”

    In retirement Ron is enjoying travel, hiking, quiet time, coffee and time to meaningfully connect with friends and family more.

  • Karen Stanley


    Karen has devoted her life’s work to educating young children. Her dedication to fostering equitable learning is evident in the many years she spent as a teacher in the Vancouver School District. She received an MA in Education from UBC and was subsequently invited to return to UBC as an adjunct professor. She now puts her skills to use educating future teachers in the best ways to educate young students.

    Karen’s experience as a former inner city student turned educator makes her a unique and highly valuable member of CLICK’s board of directors. She understands the environments inner city students come from and the challenges they face in school and in life. Karen is a strong advocate of accessible learning and believes in removing barriers to equality. In her spare time, Karen likes to ski with her husband and two daughters. She also enjoys spending time with her two kittens, Little Buddy and Sintra.

  • Lisa Wong


    Growing up in East Vancouver, Lisa witnessed and experienced firsthand the positive impact that CLICK has made and continues to make on children and youth living in poverty in Vancouver- supporting healthy development for inner city kids in a wide range of ways. For Lisa, CLICK has played an essential role in shaping who she has become by removing financial barriers and providing her with opportunities to participate in various athletic and extracurricular activities. As a result of CLICK’s support, Lisa was immersed in numerous community programs and learned skills and qualities that helped her through her studies at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Those skills continue to help her in her current career as an HR professional at Vision Critical.

    Lisa is ecstatic to be a part of the CLICK team and help positively impact the lives of other youth in the same way that CLICK impacted her life.