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About CLICK grants

CLICK awards grants to organizations providing programs benefitting inner city children and youth in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Girl in orange t-shirt playing game with group of kids in park

Requirements of applicant organization

CLICK only considers grant applications from organizations that meet all the following requirements:

  • The organization is a registered charity

    The organization must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charity, and the organization must provide proof of registration.

  • The organization provides the program directly

    The organization must provide the program directly. That is, there cannot be an intermediary or pass-through organization that provides the program. The program cannot by provided by a subcontracted party.

Requirements of program

CLICK only considers grants applications for programs that meet the all the following requirements:

  • The program benefits inner city children and youth

    The program must exclusively operate within, and benefit children and youth within, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The program must specifically benefit inner city children and youth.

  • The program addresses barriers to success

    The program must address one or more of the following barriers to success:

    • Access

      The requested funding will contribute to the program or activity being available to and accessible by children or youth. Barriers to access include fees, equipment costs, transportation or other expenses or requirements.

    • Skills

      The program or activity offers an opportunity for children or youth to gain skills in the arts, sports, leadership, health, literacy, or other skills.

    • Safety

      The program offers a safe environment for children or youth. For example, after school programs, that provide safe havens.

Grant amounts

CLICK awards grants of up to $5,000, based on demonstrated need.

Grant dates

CLICK reviews applications and awards grants twice each year.

  • Spring cycle

    Applications received by CLICK no later than March 31st are considered for the spring cycle.

  • Fall cycle

    Applications received by CLICK no later than October 31st are considered for the fall cycle.

CLICK typically awards grants to successful applicants within sixty days following the cycle cut-off date.

Terms and conditions

CLICK grants are awarded subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Grant funds must be used for expenses of the program

    The organization must use the awarded grant funds exclusively for expenses of the program and not for staff salaries or general overhead expenses (e.g. rent, utilities, etc.) of the organization. Grant funds may be applied to expenses such as supplies, food, transportation, and instructional costs, provided they related directly to the program.

  • Organizations must report to CLICK following conclusion of the program, and provide photos of the program

    Recipients of CLICK grants must file a Program Outcome Report within 90 days of the conclusion of the program.

    The Program Outcome Report includes an obligation to provide CLICK with a photos of the program in action. If you are unable to comply with this requirement, CLICK does consider exemptions on a case-by-case basis.

    CLICK uses the report to communicate with donors and other supporters how crucial programs such as yours are to inner city children and youth and to create awareness of the importance of supporting organizations like CLICK who can, in turn, support critical programs and services. CLICK may use this information for the purposes social media, in our newsletters, and at our events.

Tips for taking photos of children and youth

Preserving the privacy of children and youth is important. Always get parental consent prior to taking any photos. To minimize identifying details, follow these tips:
  • take photos of groups of children or youth from afar to minimize detailed faces
  • take photos of children or youth facing away from the camera
  • take photos from closer, excluding heads and faces